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  • Free Craps Game is pleased to offer this free craps game to its loyal patrons. Use this game to follow along as you learn, or just as a relaxation tool after a hard day's work. The game of course doesn't accept any money, nor does it pay out (so don't come looking). If you want to play a free craps game that you can choose to place a real bet on when you feel like it, check out our craps download section. One or two of the packages featured there should say 'unlimited free play', but if an online casino owns it, you can be sure you can place a real bet too.

    Our free craps game is a little less fancy than the examples put out by major companies that run online casinos, but it certainly isn't anything to shake a stick at. We feel this is an essential part of our page, because it can be so confusing trying to learn without a board in front of you. In fact there is so much to take in (if you want to learn about every spot on the board) that a lesson at a real table in the casino is often too short to really get your head around things, much less come across instances of the examples you're trying to learn about as it would be in a real game. This is the true value in our free craps game, the ability to try out the game as though it were the real thing.Rules Of CrapsI recommend the first time you step up to the virtual craps game place a pass line bet, hit the roll button and if a point gets set, throw some odds down on the pass line. That way you'll get to see how the most common bets play themselves out.


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