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    The Craps Info Site - Roll Them Bones!

    Welcome to, a fully featured craps guide with every thing you need to learn and enjoy the game, online or off. The focus of the site is one simple thing, craps. To become a true craps player however, requires the development of some knowledge in a variety of areas, including strategy and etiquette. This site isn't just about learning how to play, it's about learning how to play smart. Learning craps can sometimes be an intimidating experience. The trouble is a combination of a tricky table layout, and the large number of bets available. We try to solve these troubles by presenting you with a clear explanation of the table and bets, along with a free game to practice on.

    Learning is not about memorizing a million things, in fact, there are just a couple of bets that maintain a low house edge, and so just a couple of bets you really need to learn. More often than not, the hard part is learning to stick to those bets. Fortunately the actual processes, much like the other rules, are uncomplicated once explained. Taking to the Internet to pick up on the game is a smart move. From here you can run through any scenario, with any betting amount you wish, all at no risk on free game software. Combine that bonus with a web site that explains the rules, etiquette and game-play, and you'll be ready to hit the floor before you can yell Yo-11!

    If you're looking for a place to throw some virtual dice around, we have a great free game available, which works within your browser. If you prefer to log off to play, we also have a variety of games gathered together in our download area.

    Our aim is to help both types of craps fans: those just starting out looking for some honest, informed advice, and those who already have some experience and want a step up in knowledge. Our intention is to be comprehensive and exhaustive in our examination of the basics, including a description of each and every bet available on the table.

    Online CrapsFor now, sit back and relax. It won't be long before you're enjoying a great game of craps, and getting the hang of it. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback at, so don't hesitate to email and see Conseils sur les Craps.

    How to utilize the free casino offered by an online casino Australia

    If you have ever wanted to try gambling online then the first place you should look is an online casino Australia. Having an Australian casino for an Australian audience is definitely the way to go as the services will revolve around your local area which in turn means they will be easier to navigate. Things such as deposits and withdrawals can be done in half the time it would take to use an American casino. If it is your first time then maybe look at playing in the free casino until you have a better understanding of how each game works.

    Almost any online casino Australia you find will have some kind of free casino for you to try out their service before you deposit real money so there is no need to worry about losing your hard-earned dollars before you have done any gambling. Not only is this a great way for new gamblers to get an idea of how an online casino works, but the more experienced gambler can try out new betting strategies before taking them onto the cash games. No matter which way you look at it, a free casino can be a great tool for any gambler. No matter your level there is always something else to be learnt and free casinos are the prefect place to do it.

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